Community Fun Day at Rosemary Presbyterian Church Hall, Belfast – Saturday 22 October 2022

A Community Fun Day will take place at Rosemary Presbyterian Church Halls in Belfast on Saturday 22 October 2022.
Organised by Actively Transforming Youth & Communities in partnership with Capernwray Ireland, the focus of this event will be on the provision of activities for the families of younger and older children.

Capernwray Ireland have been providing Activity & Leadership holidays and programmes in Northern Ireland, England, and Greece since 2003. These enable individuals to develop their faith and experience through Fun, Faith & Friendship experiences; essentially, facilitating young people and adults to develop outside the confines of their own faith groups & across the denominational divide. Capernwray Ireland is associated with Capernwray Hall Bible School and Holiday Centre, Carnforth, Lancashire, LA6 1AG, which is part of Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers.
Actively Transforming Youth & Community (ATYC) is an umbrella organisation which wishes to build on the success of transforming young and older lives through Biblical Teaching and leadership training. We seek to promote understanding by learning together to impact individuals, & communities, in Northern Ireland and beyond. Our holidays and events are under the banner of Capernwray Ireland.

Community Fun Day at Rosemary Presbyterian Church Hall, Belfast – Saturday 22 September 2022

Revealing more about what promises to be an exciting day in the life of both organisations, a spokesperson said: “Throughout the morning and afternoon, we hope to attract the interest of families with younger primary age children with delivery of niche ministry such as puppet ministry, creative storytelling, a magician with a Christian message and clown ministry.

Organisers particularly want to reach …

• Local Protestant and Catholic working-class families
• Single parents
• Minority groups – eg. immigrant communities to experience a fun event within a Christian context.
• Capernwray Families

“Our evening Activities will include worship, praise, and teaching for late teens and young adults all delivered by speakers from Capernwray. Each talk will confront relevant issues from a biblical perspective.”

This may be of particular of interest to …

• Teenagers & Young adults
• Youth Fellowships
• Uniformed organisations
• Parents & carers for such ages
• Capernwray Families.

Encouraging everyone to come along, the spokesperson went on to say: “Join us for a day of activities and an opportunity to find out more about Capernwray, Capernwray Ireland and Torchbearers. There will be games, refreshments, and live music. Come along, have fun, and bring your bring your friends.”

Community Fun Day at Rosemary Presbyterian Church Hall, Belfast – Saturday 22 September 2022

For more information on the Fun Day, Caperrnwray Ireland or Actively Transforming Youth & Community contact: Mary & Terry Morrison, Capernwray Regional Representatives: Phone: Home: 028 427 58830 or Mobile: 0771 9977633. Email: