Do Great Things For God – Queen Elizabeth II ~ The Good Book Company

To mark the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen, The Good Book Company are publishing a new children’s book which not only tells her story, but in her own words, speaks of her Christian Faith.

To help people  get this book into the hands of children The Good Book Company are offering a special ministry box of 30 ‘Do Great Things for God’ books for £60:00. At £2:00 per book this equates to a 70% discount. 
This would allow an individual or a church to buy books for the children in their church or the children in a local Primary School.

Princess Elizabeth never expected to be Queen. But when she was ten, her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated and everything changed. Her father took over as King, but after 15 years on the throne, he died. So when she was just 25 years old, Elizabeth was crowned Queen and has become the longest-serving monarch in British history.

This inspiring children’s biography of Queen Elizabeth II chronicles key moments in her life. It also highlights her Christian faith, in particular what she has said in her Christmas Day speeches. 
Young children will learn more about the incredible life and faith of Britain’s longest-serving monarch and they will be inspired about the great things they can do for God. 

‘Do Great Things for God’ is written by Alison Mitchell, who has authored many children’s books, including the award-winning The One O’Clock Miracle, and Jesus and The Lions’ Den. It is illustrated by Emma Randall whose previous works include Diary of a Disciple: Luke’s Story.

Click this link to read the book online.

Do Great Things For God - Queen Elizabeth II ~ The Good Book Company

The book has been commended by many people but here are the commendations from Northern Ireland people. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP
‘This excellent children’s book tells the story of a wonderful woman, Queen Elizabeth, whose enduring faith in God has helped her provide strong leadership to our nation for some 70 years. She is a shining example of how God can guide and help us when we seek to follow Him and serve the needs of others just as Jesus did.’

Victoria Jackson
Children’s Ministry Development Officer, Connor Diocese of the Church of Ireland
‘I just love everything about this little book! How amazing and inspiring for children to have the opportunity to read about the faith of their Queen in words which they can understand and through illustrations which bring her story to life.’

Ruth Dalzell
E3 Schools Worker for Scripture Union NI
‘What a beautiful tribute to Queen Elizabeth II: an amazing woman who has given over 70 years of her life to public service. This book guides us through important events during her life and through her own words, we can read that the Queen’s Christian faith is at the core of who she is and her choice to serve. After reading this book, I hope and pray that many others will choose to serve God and do great things for Him.’

William Humphrey MBE, MLA
President, North West Belfast District Scout Council; Chair, Northern Ireland Assembly Branch, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
‘This little book tells the story of truly remarkable lady, the Queen, who has set a tremendous example of her Christian faith and as role model for us all, in terms of commitment, hard work and dedication.’

‘Do Great Things for God’ can be ordered by contacting Robin Fairbairn on 07841 469 165 or emailing If you would like to order any other Christian literature from The Good Book Company, you can do so by visiting their website.