Crown Jesus Ministries launch Revival Chapel Lane Project

Crown Jesus Ministries are set to launch their Revival Chapel Lane Project on Friday 15th October 2021 at 7:30pm.
The venue for the launch will be Old Berry Street Presbyterian Church which is located at 50 Berry Street, Belfast BT1 1FJ.

Revival Chapel Lane is a really important initiative in the history of Crown Jesus Ministries. In the article which follows, they take time to tell us more about it.

They write: – If ever we needed a revival in the church it is now.
We invite all who share this desire to join us for the official opening of the new Chapel Lane project: A space to worship, serve, learn and pray with a focus on revival and mission.
This will be an evening of worship, word, prayer and an opportunity to sharing our vision of hope at Chapel Lane and how you can play your part in this exciting venture.

The old Berry Street Presbyterian Church in Belfast has a rich history of revival and revival preaching. During the 1859 revival the follow was recorded:
“This place of worship has been virtually the centre of the present religious movement in Belfast. On Wednesday evening a meeting was held by a number of gentlemen who have been deeply impressed by the Spirit. On Thursday evening another meeting was held in Berry Street Church, which was so largely attended that many hundreds were unable to get admittance; indeed, the doors had to be shut to prevent the enormous pressure from without the building. The manifestations at this meeting were somewhat the same as on Wednesday evening, except that the number of those awakened was much larger.” (The Banner of Ulster, Saturday, 4th June 1859)

The Rev Hugh Hanna preaching in Berry Street on Sunday 19th June 1859 said this in his closing remarks “Thousands now crowd with eagerness to hear the Gospel, thousands of who a few weeks ago could hardly have been persuaded to enter the house of God. The problem now is not getting people to come to the churches but finding room for them! God is wonderfully answering prayer.”

The Belfast Telegraph reported later that month in June of 1859 “In almost every street in the City there are converts. In every family some soul has found salvation, even the outcast on the street has repented.”

One of the hubs for the Revival in Belfast was Berry Street Presbyterian church. At one point the doors of the church never closed as there were meetings almost twenty-four hours a day. Religious worship continued without interruption; as soon as someone left their seat someone else came and took their place. In the pulpit too, as soon as one preacher stopped another started. In August, C.H Spurgeon led as meeting at Botanic Gardens when it was estimated that 40,000 people attended. (Recorded in article The Year of Grace)

Crown Jesus Ministries launch Revival Chapel Lane Project
Crown Jesus Ministries launch Revival Chapel Lane Project on Friday 15th October 2021 at 7:30pm.

Our prayer? Our vision?

Psalm 85:6
Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?
Lord do it again.

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