Morrow family ‘called’ to Portstewart Presbyterian Church

Rev Stuart Morrow, his wife, Julia and sons, Robin and Jacob have been ‘called’ to Portstewart Presbyterian Church.

The move comes after seven very happy years as Minister of Moneydig Presbyterian Church with a dual role as the settled Stated Supply for Second Kilrea Presbyterian Church.

Stuart says: “It has been an absolute honour to be part of the life and history of Moneydig and Second Kilrea. We have known many good days, enjoyed many successes together and we have wept and supported one another during some incredibly sad moments.
I give thanks to God for all that he has done in each of our lives these last years. We have seen people come to faith in Jesus Christ, we have watched others grow in their faith. New leaders have taken on new responsibilities, we have elected new people to committee and ordained two elders together.”

Stuart is keen to make special mention of the young people at Moneydig:
“I have loved getting to know you, having you at the manse on Friday afternoons. I have valued your friendship and the opportunity to be your minister.”

He added: “Things never stay the same and so a new chapter is beginning for Moneydig and Second Kilrea as well as for Julia, the boys and I. On the 30th of June I will be installed as the minister of Portstewart Presbyterian Church, bringing to an end my time in Moneydig.
While we are excited about this challenge we are of course sad to be leaving so many friends and a place that has been a huge part of our lives. Please be assured we will continue to pray for all in Moneydig and Second Kilrea and hopefully you will continue to pray for us.”

Morrow family 'called' to Portstewart Presbyterian Church
Rev Stuart Morrow and family who have been ‘called’ to Portstewart Presbyterian Church

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