New set of shows on 10Plus Radio – Friday 26th March 2021

A superb new set of shows will premiere on 10Plus Radio–The Life Worth Living from 6pm on Friday 26th March 2021.

Bill McCluggage will be celebrating the day Jesus entered Jerusalem as Saviour and King with a mix of uplifting music on the 10Plus Radio Music Mix from 6pm.

On Books That Bless, Jayne Dunlop will be talking about Relinquishment – Making Space For What Matters by Penelope Wilcock at 7pm. Expect some more great music too.

Ballymena school-teacher, Karen Scott will be Joe Boyd’s guest on Transformations at 8pm. In edition to her career as an educator, Karen also has an amazing story of deliverance, healing and community-based evangelism. You will not want to miss her interview.

Amanda Clarke will on Ordinary People Serving An Extraordinary God from 9pm. Her show this week will be a repeat of her interview with Birinder Rose, which was first broadcast last month.

Allison Minford’s Final Thought and Prayer will look at Psalm 147 while reminding us that God understands the difficulties that we are all going through just now. Tune in to hear Allison from 11pm.

“We want our programmes to be uplifting but also current and respectful of the fact that many of our listeners have gone through some terrible difficulties during this twelve-month plus lockdown. I think we have achieved that with this set of shows and it is my prayer that anyone who is struggling will hear something of God’s love for them.”

New set of shows on 10Plus Radio – Friday 26th March 2021

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