‘Slemish Revealed’ – A Ballymena Church Members Forum Zoom Event

Monday 22nd March 2021 at 8pm

Members of Ballymena Church Members Forum invite as many of you as possible, your family and friends, to come Zoom with them at 8pm on Monday 22 March 2021. Wear your shamrock, arrange your own refreshments and settle comfortably to listen to Canon Stuart Lloyd give a short talk entitled ‘Slemish Revealed’. There will then be time to catch up with each other, tell stories, sing a song, play a tune, dance a jig (?) – whatever you can manage – for an hour.

Forum Chairperson, Jennifer McLernon told The Church Page:

“Over the last number of months, the Steering Committee has tried to keep in touch with the membership, while observing government restrictions, by email, Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.
It would have been our practice, pre-pandemic, to have had time for a chat during our events and to annually have at least one purely social event – you may have joined us in Montgomerys Restaurant or for our guided walk and barbecue at Gracehill.

“None of this has been possible in lockdown, but we look forward to catching up with everyone during ‘Slemish Revealed”, she added.

To take part, simply email info@ballymenacmf.com and joining instructions will be sent to you.

'Slemish Revealed' - A Ballymena Church Members Forum Zoom Event
‘Slemish Revealed’ – a Zoom event organised by Ballymena Church Members Forum

For more information on the Ballymena Church Members Forum, visit their website here.