Enter Martin Moore’s ‘Christmas Bubble’ for needy children

Well-known Christian radio presenter, Martin Moore has launched a Childrens Christmas Bubble project which he hopes will make Christmas a little brighter for children in some of Northern Ireland’s poorest families.

Martin, who presents on Country and Southern Gospel radio is hoping to raise at least £1,500 which will be used to bring some Christmas cheer to boys and girls who would otherwise have a very bleak festive season.

Revealing his heart for this project, Martin told The Church Page: “My eyes were first opened to how hard life is for some children when my little nephew, Kye, was in hospital receiving some life-saving treatment last year. Thankfully, Kye is now fighting fit and will have enough food and toys to bring down the house on Christmas morning but so many children will not be as lucky.

“Very recently I watched a television documentary in which children in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children were stuffing pieces of toast down their pants to take home to their hungry families. I thought: ‘This can’t be right’ and I decided to do something.”

With help from his sister, Emma, Martin has set up a Childrens Christmas Bubble donations page which you can access by clicking this link.
Donations can also be given by cash or cheque, please contact Sharon Gillespie on 07796086278 for further details on how to send these.

Martin Moore

Martin will be working closely with Social Services to make sure that the money generated by his appeal goes to those families in most dire need.
He added: “The Christmas season is fast approaching and I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, oil in the tank, my shopping all done and gifts wrapped. Sadly, due to this awful pandemic, Christmas this year will be very different for so many. There are thousands of children in Northern Ireland alone who come from poverty-stricken families, cold, hungry and no sign of improvement anytime soon. With your help we could make a difference to some of these families, let’s give some of these kids a good Christmas, little things mean a lot.”

Don’t forget, you can hear Martin on Country and Southern Gospel every Saturday night from 8pm–9:30pm and Sunday from 3pm-5pm. Simply log on to the Country and Southern Gospel YouTube channel here or their Facebook page here.