Forged By Fire – Simulcast by Cavetime Ministries

Two Irishmen will be keynote speakers at a Simulcast by Cavetime Ministries on Saturday 21st November 2020 from 9pm-12noon (Central State Time US) (GMT: 2pm-5pm)

John Ahern – Pastor of All Nations Church, Dublin and Spud Murphy – Executive Director of CVM, Belfast will join Jeff Voth – Founder of Cavetime, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA for this special event.

Looking forward to the day, Jeff Voth told The Church Page:
“At some point in your life you will be put through the fire. How will you come out? Burned out, scorched or motivated to be forged ahead?

Join us for our first ever simulcast – Forged by Fire. We have three powerful keynotes tailored to help you navigate through the fires that will come your way. You will hear the announcement of Cavetime’s exciting, new, on demand video platform that will provide you with weekly content in order to help you become a better man. Don’t miss this event. Show up, lock shields and move forward as Cavetime Nation. We can progress in the pandemic!

*Important: When you click to register, you will be prompted to create a username and password. Then you will be given a choice to select “Simulcast Only”, or a few membership tiers to our new on demand video platform called, The Cave.

If you would like to know more information about this platform, we will be announcing all of the features during our simulcast. You will have an opportunity to join during the simulcast or after and still receive the discount for a limited time only.”

You can book your ticket now

Forged By Fire - Simulcast by Cavetime Ministries

To book your ticket – 10 US dollars, (£8 Sterling) log on to the Cavetime events page here.