‘In His Image – A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics’ – online book launch

Wilberforce Publications is pleased to announce the launch of its latest title, ‘In His Image’. Join them LIVE for the online launch with author Dr Stephen McQuoid on Monday 16th November 2020 at 6pm. You’ll also be able to interact with the author live, by asking your questions in the chat section.

“There is one part of the created order that seems more glorious than all the rest, and that is the human race,” writes Dr Stephen McQuoid, General Director of Gospel Literature Outreach in Wilberforce Publications’ soon to be released In His Image – A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics. “Human beings – the very pinnacle of creation and image bearers of God – can mediate His will and purposes,” he says as he develops the theme. While McQuoid acknowledges that we all have feet of clay and must walk humbly in this life, he sets out clearly why Christians need to be salt and light and stand up for Biblical truth. Observing that human identity and sexuality are at the heart of the ethical war that rages in our society, he then engages with each of these ethical battlegrounds uncompromisingly, yet with compassion.

It will be a valuable church resource! It will help pastors, preachers, teachers, and congregations to grapple with the issues at the heart of our culture and society – that humans are made in God’s image and therefore have a higher calling.

'In His Image - A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics' - online book launch

‘In His Image’ will be available to purchase from the CLC bookshop and Amazon.
Onlookers will be joined by Christian Concern’s Chief Executive, Andrea Williams and Head of Public Policy, Tim Dieppe LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.

To view the event on YouTube on 16th November click here.

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