10Plus Radio–The Life Worth Living ~ Friday 23rd October 2020

This week’s line-up on 10Plus Radio–The Life Worth Living has something for everyone. Between 7pm-11.30pm (UK time) on Friday 23rd February 2020, you can listen to a dynamic set of shows simply by clicking on this link.

The first show will be The Honeypot Hour – Words and Music to Lift the Soul with Roz Bowyer at 7pm. This week, Roz will be looking at what she terms the Hebrew or Eastern Mindset. The author of Discovering Hebrew Gold will reveal that the Western mindset tends to look at the Bible scientifically and ignores or brushes over anomalies and awkward situations whereas the Hebrew mindset digs deeper and is rewarded with deeper insight.

From 8pm on Books That Bless, Jayne Dunlop will be looking at Still Standing: 100 Lessons From An Unsuccessful Life by Tola Doll Fisher.

From 9pm, you can hear how God has used Matthew Boyd to help transform the lives of young people in Ballymena and beyond as he chats to Joe Boyd.

This week’s Ordinary People Serving An Extraordinary God with Amanda Clarke is an intimate show entitled: ‘A Message From God’s Heart to Yours’ – listen in and be blessed from 10pm.

Allison Minford will be reflecting on Daily Blessings From God at 11pm.

As always, Senior Presenter, Joe Boyd, is excited about what’s in store.
“Every broadcast gets better and better. Roz leads the listeners into a deeper relationship with God through her exceptional knowledge of Hebrew. Jayne, in my opinion, produces the most thought-provoking book show around. God’s Spirit descends powerfully on ever show Amanda does and the station ‘mum’ Allison is Queen of late-night radio, bringing listeners from the Republic of Ireland and America who tune in for her show.”

“I love interviewing guests on Transformations each week and am also blessed by my amazing team of presenters – that makes five blessings for me every broadcast”, he smiles.

10Plus Radio–The Life Worth Living can be heard here every Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm to 11:30pm.