10Plus Radio Schedule –Friday 16th October 2020

There is another exciting line-up of programmes on 10Plus Radio – The Life Worth Living, which will premiere on Friday 16th October 2020 between 7pm-11.30pm.

Roz Bowyer will be talking about Horses on The Honeypot Hour – Music and Words to Enrich the Soul – at 7pm. Afterwards, Jayne Dunlop will be reflecting on Trading Mindsets: God, Faith and Disability by Joe Boyd during her Books That Bless programme. She will also be looking at some children’s books, which have been produced by The Good Book Company and illustrated by local artist, Jennifer Davison. Join Jayne for the best music and chat from 8pm.
Danielle Cairns-Patton will be Joe Boyd’s guest on Transformations at 9pm. Prepare to be inspired by her incredible testimony of loss, faith and recovery.
Ordinary People Serving an Extraordinary God with Amanda Clarke will be on at 10pm. This week, Amanda talks to veteran missionary and Pastor, John Cranwell. Born in Adelaide, John has also served in New Zealand, the Philippines and China.
Finally, Allison Minford will be sharing some thoughts on God’s Departure Lounge at 11pm.

Getting excited about this set of shows, Joe Boyd said: “We really do have an eclectic and exciting range of shows on 10Plus now. Recently arrived presenters, Roz and Amanda have added a new dimension to our broadcasts. Roz is easy to listen to and Amanda’s first-hand knowledge of missionary work gives her show genuine authenticity.”

“Personally, I am very excited to be interviewing Danielle; her story is incredible and can’t wait to hear what Jayne makes of my book.”

10Plus Radio – The Life Worth Living – can be heard every Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm to 11:30pm. Click here to listen.