Scam Survivor – new book by Jonathan Leakey

A Northern Ireland scam victim tells his story and how he recovered the significant amount of money he lost. A cautionary tale everyone needs to read to understand better what can happen, how to protect your money and bank account, as well as how you can recover well from a scam if you ever do fall victim.

“SCAM SURVIVOR – How One Victim Fought Back” by Jonathan Leakey, a former secondary school teacher and university lecturer, is the dramatic and very readable account of a fraud that recently took place in Northern Ireland. The book was released earlier this month on Amazon in paperback and e-book format, and tells the story of how Mr Leakey, who lives in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, fell victim to a clever text scam that cost him much of his and his wife’s hard-earned money, which included his recent severance package, in a matter of minutes, leaving them both traumatised.

Somehow the scammers had inserted a fake text into his bank’s text-stream on his mobile phone. The convincing message had him believing his bank was contacting him to warn him of fraudulent activity on his debit card – when nothing of the sort was happening. Hurrying to protect his account he rang a number on the fake text warning, which, unbeknown to Jonathan, actually put him through to a fraudster, calling herself “Tanya”. That was when the real fraud happened.

Scam Survivor - new book by Jonathan Leakey

For two different types of reader

After telling the gripping story of what happened on that fateful day and how Jonathan and his wife picked themselves up and fought to recover their losses, the book includes lots of very practical advice and information to help two different kinds of reader.

It is aimed first at those who have not yet been a victim of fraud, and want to know how to spot a scam and protect themselves better. It is also for those who have been the victim of a scam who maybe despair of ever recovering their money, or of getting over the trauma of the experience.

“Scam Survivor” gives a step-by-step account of how Mr and Mrs Leakey fought back over a nine-month period to eventually recover their money, and how they found healing from their trauma. They want to help others to be more vigilant and show what steps we can and should all be taking to protect our money from those heartless online, cold-calling, and door-step thieves. They also want to encourage the many despairing victims with their story and practical advice.

“While recovery of lost money is by no means guaranteed and will depend on the circumstances of each scam, it is vital that every victim takes charge of their recovery, draws on the circle of support around them, and the wide range of professional guidance there is, and finds healing from the trauma,” says Jonathan.

This book includes excellent practical guidance on all of this and includes much useful information on what to do and whom people can contact at each stage.
“Scam Survivor” reveals:
• How an online or text scam can happen
• Strategies for getting back on your feet, and fighting to recover one’s money
• How to deal with the trauma of getting scammed
• How to spot a scam, avoid a scam and protect oneself from future scams
• Information on the many and evolving scams that are out there
• Where to find professional help and advice.

Jonathan says: “Don’t put off reading this book. It may save you from losing a lot of money. It may help you recover money if you’ve been scammed!”
Already a #1 Bestseller in several Amazon categories. In only its second week “Scam Survivor – How One Victim Fought Back” is already doing well on Amazon across the world. The e-book has topped Amazon’s rankings in 12 categories in the Kindle Store including: Computers & Technology, Money Management, Mental Health (Emotions), and Self-Help. The e-book is on a 99p promotion at the moment until 25th September after which it will be priced at £3.49. The paperback is priced at £7.99. It is available on Amazon here.