New C.O.O at Crown Jesus Ministries – Amanda Mitchell

Everyone at Crown Jesus Ministries is delighted that Amanda Mitchell has come on board as the new Chief Operations Officer.

Amanda brings with her a wealth of experience managing staff in the retail sector for over 22 years and of course is no stranger to Crown Jesus Ministries. She has been a silent co-founder and supporting volunteer to the ministry since its conception in May 1999.

Crown Jesus evangelist, Mitch, welcomed Amanda to the team.
He said: “On a personal level I cannot wait for Amanda to start and know that all of you will benefit from her experience as we continue to grow and shape Crown Jesus for the future.

The current pandemic is causing chaos across the world on people’s physical and mental health, financial downturn, unemployment, political tensions with confusion and fear on many levels including the church. All of us live between chaos and order. This is what it means to be alive. The key is to have a foot planted firmly in both. Order is not enough. You can’t just be stable, secure and unchanging because this kills creativity, learning and adventure. Nonetheless chaos alone is too much. You end up swamped, overwhelmed beyond your capacity and in free-fall. Thus you put one foot in what you have mastered and one foot in the adventure of exploring new things. In this position you are confident, alert and engaged. You are then best placed to master something new and improve on what you already know.

Evangelism will always lean towards exploration and adventure and indeed the risks and chaos that goes with it. This said I firmly believe that Amanda will help us with the order and structure that we need to succeed both as individuals and as a ministry.”

Going forward, Mitch asks you to please consider three things;
1. Feel free to reach out and welcome Amanda to the team via e-mail at
2. Watch and share this brief welcome video –

3. Can we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this new role financially? You can do this via a one off donation by clicking here or if you would like to become a regular supporter via standing order or even increase your current giving then please contact me directly through the office at