Mighty Men Conference online – 11th July 2020

Healing The Land in association with Angus Buchan are hosting a Mighty Men Conference online on Saturday 11th July 2020 at 10am UK time – (9am South African Time)

“The vision is to see people come to Jesus and see our land saturated with God. It is not about a particular church background or denomination, it’s about Jesus. That’s what we want to see all across this land. The old Celtic call of Patrick, who God used in a life changing way when he once walked these lands back in the early centuries, was a land that was saturated with God and where signs, wonders and miracles were being performed. It was the God of the Bible, Jesus the way the truth the life, not somebody’s imagination, that’s what we want to see again in these days. His Kingdom come here on earth, the same as Heaven,” said one of the organisers.

Mighty Men Conference online - 11th July 2020

Angus Buchan himself added “I cannot wait to meet with the people of Ireland! Everybody is welcome.
I believe God is going to do something special in your nation…and particularly among the men. I believe the Lord wants to bring the peace of God – which surpasses all understanding – to wonderful Ireland, that has blessed the whole world. Remember the definition of the world Revival is a people saturated with God. We have people praying for this event, all around the world, who are praying from now until this meeting and will continue afterwards. Don’t miss it. See you there on the 11th.”

This FREE event will be broadcast across Ireland and the world. The LIVE stream will be available on the Angus Buchan Facebook page LIVE, the Angus Buchan YouTube channel and his website – www.angusbuchan.co.za