Abortion – A new book in the ‘Talking Points’ series

Abortion is a new installment in the Talking Points series of short books, which has been published by The Good Book Company.

It has been written by Dr Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts and is endorsed by Pauline Kennedy – Women’s Ministry & PW Development Officer.

She writes: “I have been involved in women’s ministry at home and overseas for many years, and I have a passionate, heartfelt vision from God for all women across our land and beyond to know that they are valued and that their identity in Christ has real purpose. As Women’s Ministry and PW Development Officer it is my responsibility to support the ministry of Presbyterian Women, as well as assisting in the development of strategy and coordination of women’s ministry in general with PCI.

“If you, like me, have ever been drawn into a conversation about abortion only to find yourself feeling a little nervous and ill equipped to know what to say, then this brilliantly written little book is for you.
What strikes me most from reading it is that within every page there are words of wisdom as well as gently laid down facts about abortion (some quite shocking). It has really challenged me to understand this complex subject and prepare myself better. Talking about abortion isn’t easy. So often as Christians we find ourselves slow to engage, lacking confidence and sadly, at times, we can also lack compassion for those whose lives have been affected.

“Through writing this book, Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts help open our eyes to the different arguments around this subject and encourage us to equip ourselves with facts, but also with biblical understanding and to always be ready to reach out with the love and hope of Christ.
The last chapters are particularly helpful as they give very practical steps for us as individuals, but also for church leaders to make church a place of acceptance and real support for those affected by these issues.

“Thank you, Lizzie and Vaughan, for helping me to think differently about abortion and for encouraging me to pray and find ways to come alongside those affected by it.”

You can order your copy of Talking Points: Abortion now by logging on to the The Good Book Co website.