TenPlus Radio – The Life Worth Living – marks Mental Health Awareness Week

TenPlus Radio – The Life Worth Living – will mark Mental Health Awareness Week during it’s Friday 22nd May 2020 broadcast. It kicks off at 7pm with Naomi Kennedy’s Pulse music show.

At 8pm, Jayne Dunlop will be talking about Dr Sharon Hastings book, ‘Wrestling With My Thoughts – A Doctor With Severe Mental illness Finds Strength.’

Joe Boyd will be in conversation with Rev Dr Martin McNeely from Ballykeel Presbyterian Church at 9pm. Marty has witnessed the impact of mental health issues on a local community.

Jacqui Kennedy will be reflecting on the woman with the alabaster jar and healing on her Warrior Women of God show from 10pm.

Lastly, Allison Minford’s Final Thought and Praise programme will look at the Biblical perspective on Mental Health.

Looking ahead to this week’s programmes, Joe Boyd said: “Each week we commit our broadcast schedule to prayer and as a team we felt that God was leading us to devote an evening of content to the subject of Mental Health.

“We are certainly not experts in this field and we aren’t pretending to be but we do want to let people, who may be dealing with this issue, know that we care about them and that God offers hope to anyone in distress.”

Listen in to TenPlus Radio from 7pm on Friday 22nd May here.