Rev Dr Murphy retires from Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian, Cullybackey

Rev Dr David Murphy and his wife, Helen have just retired after 22 years at Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian Church in Cullybackey, near Ballymena.
The couple arrived with their children Alan and Christine on the last Friday of June 1998 and began their ministry the following Sunday.

Rev Dr Murphy retires from Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian, Cullybackey

Asked to recall some of the highlights of his two decades plus in Cullybackey, the Cookstown native is quick to reflect on a Millennium Mission that took place in 2000.
He remembers: “We were really, really blessed as a congregation at that time because a number of people came to faith in Christ as their Saviour. On almost a daily basis for around two or three weeks in March and into April of that year we were seeing people come to faith. That was a highlight of our ministry. Since then, there has been a steady number of people coming to faith in Christ and all of those have been highlights.”

David’s interest in overseas mission

Supporting overseas mission has also been a major feature of David and Helen’s years at ‘the Cuningham.’
In 2002, both they and the wider congregation took a young Hungarian Bible student, Agnes Baranyi into their fellowship and their heart
David said: “Agnes came and stayed with us for about four months that year as part of her training and as a congregation we have kept in touch with Agnes. She is now married with two sons and her husband is a Pastor in the Ukraine.”
“Agnes is fondly remembered here, and we still support her work in the Ukraine both financially and prayerfully so that has been a highlight too. When she graduated from Bible College some members of the congregation travelled over to share the day with her and when she got married, a few of us went to her wedding. In fact, she and her husband returned to Cullybackey for their honeymoon! Not many people can say that”,
he smiled.

Rev Dr Murphy retires from Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian, Cullybackey
The Cuningham ministers – recently retired Rev Dr David Murphy on right.

David preaches for the final time in the Cuningham

David preached for the last time at Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian Church on Sunday 10th May 2020.
He and Helen have now moved to Portstewart although they also hope to spend more time with Alan, Christine, and the grandchildren who all still live locally. David has no plans in terms of future ministry at present but is open to seeing what develops.

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