Discover Online – three Wycliffe webinars

Discover the world of Bible translation

‘Discover Online’ is a series of three webinars organised by Wycliffe Bible Translators which will explore the impact of Bible Translation worldwide.

Here is some information about the three Wycliffe Discover Online webinars:

Wednesday 29th April at 8pm – 8:45pm – ‘God at work though translation and linguistics’
An interview with Sue Arthur (Wycliffe Translation Consultant) serving translation projects in Madagascar and West Africa.

Thursday 7th May at 8:15pm to 9pm – ‘The global impact of Bible translation’
A conversation with Andrew Chard (Director of International Partnerships for Wycliffe) on the global impact and key role Bible translation plays in the mission of God.

Thursday 14th May 8:15pm to 9pm – ‘Journey with Wycliffe’
Ian Lund and David Rowbory (Wycliffe members serving in Southern Africa and Nigeria) discuss their journey with Wycliffe and the powerful impact of Bible translation they’ve seen on the ground.

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