Hope and a Future charity open outlet at Castle Mall, Antrim

Hope And A Future, a Christian charity which is active in the Shashemene region of Southern Ethiopia, have recently opened a new shop at Castle Mall in Antrim. It will sell furniture and other household goods, with the proceeds going to support their work in Ethiopia.
The new outlet is in addition to the charity’s other outlets at Main Street, Randalstown and its sales-base on the Ballymena Road in Antrim.

Hope and a Future charity open outlet at Castle Mall, Antrim
Hope and a Future charity which works in Ethiopia has recently opened a new charity shop outlet in Castle Mall, Antrim

Hope and a Future ‘is making a life-changing difference’

Christine and Kevin Keenan and the other committee members who run Hope And A Future are optimistic that the new shop will help to increase support for their work which is making a life-changing difference to countless young people in one of Africa’s poorest corners.
Thanks to the generosity of the group’s supporters, hundreds of children are getting an education at schools operated by Hope And A Future. So effective are these places of learning that they are rated by the Ethiopian government as being some of the nation’s best.

Children with disabilities, who would previously have been shunned even by their own families, are receiving therapy, support and educational opportunities that enable them to enjoy lives of blessing and hope.

However, it is not just people in Africa who benefit from Hope And A Future. Their shops are real hubs of community activity where friendships are made, and volunteers can develop new skills.
Kevin Keenan told us: “We wish to bring blessing and love to people of the Antrim community. I am keen to have a selection of good, inspirational and helpful Christian books in our shops and I would welcome donations of any such books from your Church Page readers.
Donated books may be left into our Charity outlet at Castle Mall, Antrim or into our Hope and a Future charity shop on Main Street in Randalstown.”

Hope and a Future charity open outlet at Castle Mall, Antrim

Hope and a Future Ethiopia charity shops –

Main Street, Randalstown and Castle Mall, Antrim

Both shops are open on Monday to Saturday from 9:30am – 4:30pm.
For more information on Hope And A Future, visit their website here.