Book Launch – ‘Wrestling With My Thoughts’ by Sharon Hastings

Monday 3rd February 2020

‘Wrestling With My Thoughts’ by Sharon Hastings is a new book which will be launched on Monday 3rd February 2020 at 7:30pm.
Organised by the Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast, the launch venue is The Park Avenue Hotel, 158 Hollywood Road, Belfast, BT4 1PB.

Here is a little bit about Sharon’s book:

‘She couldn’t believe it. There she was with her medical qualifications sitting on the floor of a mental hospital. She’d been baptized, offered her life to God, wanted to serve him anywhere, but no, surely not this… Sharon Hastings is absolutely passionate about helping anyone who suffers from ‘severe and enduring mental illness’ (SEMI): schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

Book Launch - ‘Wrestling With My Thoughts’ by Sharon Hastings

She wants the church to know all about these illnesses: how they devastate ordinary people and how they need to be treated. By telling her story, warts and all, showing her own tortuous, painful journey, she equips us to come alongside loved ones, fellow church members, friends and neighbours, understanding the social and spiritual ramifications of their illnesses, including them in our activities (where appropriate) and encouraging their spiritual growth. A natural storyteller, the author draws us in. We journey with her as she shares deeply. With wisdom, kindness and the heart of a bruised survivor, she interweaves her exceptional story with vital teaching which cannot be ignored by anyone within the church today.’

Rev Jack Lamb, Minister of Townsend Street Presbyterian Church, is keen to recommend the book.
He says: “Sharon’s story is a raw account of despair, fear and ultimately hope. It demonstrates that mental illness is no respecter of faith, education, ability or aspiration. Anyone can be affected at any time, but it is also true that anyone can find the strength needed to live with it through faith in God.”

‘Wrestling With My Thoughts’ by Sharon Hastings is published by IVP Books and is available online priced £7.99 – click this link if you would like to buy a copy and is also available from other outlets.