Hope and a Future make prayer appeal for Ethiopia

Hope and a Future is a charity which seeks to improve the life-chances of young people in the large town of Shashemene in southern Ethiopia. They are pleased to report that a container of aid it sent in September has arrived safely at its destination. However, efforts to distribute the aid have been hampered by political and civil unrest. The charity would appreciate your prayers for peace and stability to return to the area so that they can safely distribute the equipment and supplies.

The shipment comprising of numerous items intended to help people with disabilities has been unloaded into a storage area before beginning the process of distribution to needy people in one of southern Ethiopia’s most deprived areas.

Hope and a Future make prayer appeal for Ethiopia

Christine Keenan, who founded Hope and a Future Ethiopia, told us: “We had hoped for some of our members to travel out to assist in setting up a system for the distribution of Disability Aids and equipment.”

However, within the past month or so, Ethiopia has been experiencing serious civil and political unrest with violence in some areas, including many fatalities. So now things are put on hold until peace is restored. We would appreciate supportive prayer into this nation for an early return to peace and harmony so that needy people can soon receive help towards a better quality of life.

For further information about Hope and a Future Charity, contact any of their three outlets –

  • 23d Ballymena Road, Antrim (behind Maxol station) – Tel 02894467724 or Mob 07753985282
  • 7 New Street, Randalstown – Tel 02894479138 or Mob 07544496000
  • 139 Staffordstown Road, Randalstown – Tel 02894472499 or Mob 07979398474

You can browse their website to find out more about the work done in Ethiopia by Hope and a Future charity based in Randalstown.