CARE in Northern Ireland launch campaign to celebrate every life

CARE in Northern Ireland has launched a brand new campaign to highlight the importance of every single human life. They are the NI branch of Christian Action Research and Education.

CARE in Northern Ireland launch campaign to celebrate every life

The organisation has arranged for billboards and bus shelters across the Province to carry the message ‘Fearfully and Wonderfully made’. The adverts feature an image of a baby’s feet clasped tenderly in an adult’s hands. They also point people to a brand new website – It provides further information about the thinking behind the campaign. Click here for a link to the website.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people across Northern Ireland to unite in support of affirming the distinct value of life from conception through to its natural end.

Recent times have witnessed considerable pressure on NI’s current laws on abortion with activists calling for radical change to make abortion more widely available.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply. Robust research from the campaign group Both Lives Matter showed that 100,000 people across NI are alive today because the ’67 Act was not adopted.

The campaign will run for approximately six weeks and in total there are over 75 adverts across Northern Ireland.

CARE in Northern Ireland Director, Tim Martin said:

“At CARE we passionately believe that every single human life is undeniably precious from conception right the way through to a natural death.

We think this is a powerful, positive, life-affirming message and that’s why we are launching this campaign to encourage people all over NI to stand up for the value of life. It does not matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or what your background is, the key message of this campaign is that every human being has an irreducible dignity. 

The campaign adverts say ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ because this reflects our thinking that every human being is precious. So often the value of a person’s life is based around the contribution they are able to make to society or it’s based on their circumstances. I think many in our society, perhaps especially in disabled communities feel undervalued as a result.

This campaign affirms that if you are disabled you are no less valuable or precious because human dignity is not tied to your physical or mental abilities. I’m hopeful that many people across NI will see these advertisements and it will really give people a reason to celebrate the value of every human life.”

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