The Gospel Bus Ministry ‘Heat and Eat’ programme

The Gospel Bus Ministry ‘Heat and Eat’ programme offers Christmas hampers, logs and coal to those who are struggling financially.

The team of The Gospel Bus Ministry in Ballymena are busy preparing Christmas Hampers to distribute free to people who are struggling, especially at this time of the year. This year they are also offering “heat” to homes through the means of logs and coal.

Ricky and Joyce Bell and the team are grateful to everyone who supports their ministry throughout the year. They are keen to continue to show the love of Jesus Christ practically in the run-up to this festive season.

They told The Church Page: “Most of us can look forward to a turkey dinner and all its trimmings over the festive period. However, not everyone will be so privileged, hundreds of families and individuals across the province will face hunger over Christmas and New Year.
We really want to ensure that people who are less fortunate than ourselves have enough provisions during what can be a busy and expensive time of year.”

The Gospel Bus Ministry ‘Heat and Eat’ programme – supporting those who are struggling financially.

Ricky, Joyce and their team are keen to reach people who are in genuine need of help. Also doctors, social workers or other professionals can approach the project on behalf of people who could benefit from it. Anyone who might benefit from the heat and eat project or wants to know more about the ministry can contact either Ricky Bell or Kathryn Bailie on the numbers below.

You can donate to the ministry or access the food, blocks or coal by telephoning Ricky on 07753 240 113 or Kathryn on 07596 000076. You can also keep up to date with the Gospel Bus Ministry news and events by going to their Facebook page here.