Vision of Good Hope, Moldova – Christmas 2018 Appeal

The Vision of Good Hope, Moldova – Christmas 2018 appeal has begun for another year on behalf of people in one of Europe’s poorest regions.
The Ballymena-based charity is asking for monetary donations so that they can buy trailers of logs to help keep people warm throughout what is certain to be a biting cold season in Eastern Europe.

Vision of Good Hope, Moldova - Christmas 2018 Appeal

Vision of Good Hope, Moldova chairperson, Tom Dick reveals, the generosity of people from Northern Ireland can make a real difference to their neighbours in Eastern Europe.
Remembering last year’s appeal, he said:

“Thanks to everyone’s fantastic support, during the winter of 2017-18, we were able to distribute 83 trailers of logs to the people of the Glinoye region of Transnistria (the village around the Red Roofs orphanage).

With winter temperatures plummeting to -15°C and firewood a valued commodity, we hope to repeat this exercise this winter. Logs are a very practical way of showing them we, as a Christian charity operating in the area, care for them as we do our children.
If you would like to help, each individual trailer will cost £40. We truly appreciate any and all contributions to our campaign”, added Tom.

Donations to the Vision of Good Hope, Moldova Christmas 2018 Appeal can be made through PayPal or any of their shops.

Donations can be submitted through PayPal or at any of our shop premises. Christmas Gift Receipts can be provided on request – simply email with your donation details or PayPal reference.

To find out more about Vision of Good Hope, Moldova, visit their website here. You can also find them on Facebook here.