Remembrance Sunday at Glenmachan Church of God

Services on Remembrance Sunday at Glenmachan Church of God, Belfast.

Well-known missionary, David Hathaway, will speak at Morning Worship which begins at the earlier time of 10.50am to accommodate a short Act of Remembrance.

After 11 years as a full-time pastor and evangelist in Britain, David’s ministry to Russia and Europe began in 1961 when he organised the first ever expedition to modern-day Israel by road, through the Iron Curtain countries.

In 1964 David began smuggling Bibles into Russia and Eastern Europe until, in 1972, after taking in 150,000 Bibles and New Testaments, he was arrested, tortured and imprisoned in Czechoslovakia. After serving just one year in prison, David was released by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, by miracle, in answer to prayer.
In 1976 David led the successful worldwide campaign for the release of Georgi Vins, leader of the Baptists in the Soviet Union who was imprisoned for his faith.

Despite his own imprisonment, David continued to go back many times into the Soviet Bloc, openly holding evangelism meetings in Hungary in the 1980s, and in Bulgaria in 1990.
In 1988 David organised the first of four ‘EuroVision’ conferences in Karlsruhe, West Germany. Thousands of East Europeans came by a miracle through the Iron Curtain to receive a new Fire of the Holy Spirit.
David was at the forefront to bring the Good News to the Soviet Bloc, holding a crusade in Rovno, Ukraine in 1991, before communism fell. In 1992 and 1993 he was the first evangelist to hold a crusade in the Dynamo Stadium in Kiev.

In 1994 he rolled out an unprecedented programme of evangelism in Belarussia, Siberia and Ukraine – in total five months of non-stop evangelism – six crusades in Belarussia, seventeen in Siberia, four in Ukraine. 50,000 miles travelled by road and air; 400 team members; all 84 crusade services held by David; over 100,000 recorded decisions for Christ, thousands of miracles of healing.
In 2004, during one major campaign, David reached over 40 million Russians every day for ten consecutive days with LIVE-TV Evangelism.

In April 2011, David held the first mass evangelism in Israel since the days of Christ and the Apostles, leading to 4000 Russian Jews hearing in the Gospel in the amphitheatre in Caesarea 2016.
Faced with external territorial aggression since 2014, every major Ukrainian denomination has united with David in annual National Days of Prayer, so that in 2018 the President could say, the whole nation is turning back to God!

Glenmachan Boys Brigade Enrolment Service

Later on Remembrance Day, Glenmachan’s Boys Brigade Company, (79th Belfast) will have their 50th Anniversary Enrolment Service at 6.30pm.
Members past and present are welcome to come along.

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