Scripture Union NI brings Key To Life RE programme to schools

Scripture Union NI are partnering with Counties UK to bring the Key to Life RE programme to schools around Northern Ireland. This ministry uses an interactive experience on a lorry that will be arriving in the Ballymena area on Friday 19th October 2018. It will be based at 2nd Broughshane Presbyterian between Monday 22nd and Friday 26th October 2018. Pupils from some of the local schools will have the opportunity to experience it.

Key to Life tells the story of Jesus through a unique, interactive and immersive session based on the RE curriculum. Using floor to ceiling sensors and by touching the walls, pupils can watch films; interact with games and quizzes; take part in small group discussions. The experience will help them explore what Christians believe and understand how the story of Jesus is key to Christianity.

Rachel Sheppard, SUNI’s Ballymena E3 Schools worker said, “I’m really excited to partner with local churches in the Broughshane area as they pray for the week, help convert the lorry into an interactive classroom, set up the technology and take it all down at the end of the week. I’m also looking forward to working alongside some volunteers to deliver the RE programme to lots of primary school classes and some RE classes from Castle Tower. It’s already been in Bangor, Antrim, East Belfast and Fermanagh, with great reports from schools, pupils and parents and I’m expectant for all that’s to come in Ballymena.”

One teacher said, “Excellent, all the children were fully engaged. A great presentation of the Gospel. The message will certainly be remembered.”

E3 Ballymena Coffee Morning fundraiser – Saturday 20th October – your opportunity to see the Key To Life experience.

Scripture Union NI brings Key To Life RE programme to schools

• E3 Ballymena are holding a Coffee Morning fundraiser on Saturday 20th October at 2nd Broughshane Presbyterian between 10:30am and 12:30pm. This will be a great opportunity to come aboard and experience Key to Life for yourself between 11am and 11:45am. So come along for a cuppa and some home baked treats and support schools ministry in Ballymena too!

Find out more about the Key to Life experience here.