Special Meetings at Third Portglenone – Autumn 2018

Everyone is invited to a series of special meetings at Third Portglenone Presbyterian Church taking place during Autumn 2018.

Special Meetings at Third Portglenone - Autumn 2018

These include a ‘Back to Church Sunday’ morning service followed by a series of evening services looking at some of ‘Life’s BIG Questions’.

The first is on Sunday morning 23rd September at 11am. Called Back to Church Sunday, this service is particularly for those who haven’t been to church in a while or have never been to church.

Their minister, Philip McCullough says,

“If you haven’t been to church for a while ,or have never been to church, we know it can be daunting to come back or come for the first time. We are a group of ordinary people who meet every Sunday morning at our Townhill Road premises at 11am. You are very welcome to join us, not only for this service but all our services. You can sit where you want, there are no reserved seats, you don’t have to dress up, just come as you are. If you have any queries give me a call on 028 2582 1272. We look forward to welcoming you on 23rd September. A light lunch will be provided after the service.”

The church is on the Townhill Road, opposite Portglenone Health Centre.

Special meetings at Third Portglenone Presbyterian Church – Autumn 2018

Special Meetings at Third Portglenone - Autumn 2018

This series of evening services begins on Sunday 23rd September at 6pm. They will continue on a fortnightly basis to look at one of life’s big questions. Details are –

23rd September – God and Scripture – ‘Can we trust the Bible?’ – Dr Zach Cole

7th October – Harvest Thanksgiving Service – Dr Alistair Dunlop

21st October – God and Sexuality – LGBT, what’s the problem? – David Martin, Dublin

4th November – God and the sanctity of life – What does it mean to be human? – Dr Andrew McKelvey MD

18th November – God and Suffering – Why does bad stuff happen to good people? – Dr Marty Cowan

All these services begin at 6pm.

A book stall with a range of helpful books will be available each evening.


If you’re free, whether you’re a regular church attender or not, you will be very welcome to one or all of these special meetings in Third Portglenone Presbyterian Church this autumn. Keep up to date with their news, services and events on their Facebook page here.