Transformations Ireland – Prayer Meeting for Stormont

Transformations Ireland – Prayer Meeting for Stormont – Tuesday 11th September 2018.

Many have prayed faithfully over the years for our government and politicians, and continue to do so. Transformations Ireland is one such group that has been regularly gathering people to pray in Stormont since 2003. These prayer meetings are sponsored by several politicians.

Transformations Ireland - Prayer Meeting for Stormont

The focus of these prayer meetings has been to pray for our politicians as leaders, but also as men and women with needs like everybody else. Our primary desire has been to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done and our desire is to pray without any political bias or agenda. We have frequently found ourselves gathered together from right across our province at very significant and critical times and have been privileged on these occasions to be able to join in united prayer for the situations.

Transformations Ireland – Prayer Meeting for Stormont at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday 11th September 2018.

A spokesperson for the organisers told us: “Our need for breakthrough and progress in our local political situation remains acute. Let us not neglect to pray for our MLAs. We are privileged presently to be able to pray freely for our government in their meeting place. We do not take this privilege for granted, nor the responsibility lightly. Let us listen for God’s leading and be praying His purposes for our country. As God’s people, we have the unique potential of bringing hope into our situations and through prayer.”

There is a security implication to meeting at Stormont, so the meetings have had to be by invitation. If you would like to find out more, further information is available from:

Find out more about Transformations Ireland on their website.