Calling All Creative Children – It’s Competition Time!

Calling all creative children – here are details of a fantastic competition from Timeless Publications.

Is your child between 7 – 10 years old?

Do they love drawing?

Have they a great imagination?

Would they like their drawing to feature in a new children’s book?

American author, Susan Jill Ream, has joined the team of authors at Timeless Publications. She has written a children’s book entitled, ‘Lilly’s Colourful Spots’, which is aimed at the 4-8 age group. It deals with how Lilly is adjusting to having freckles. This a delightful little story of how children see themselves and a great opportunity for parents to begin a discussion on how we look.

What’s more, Susan has also agreed to a competition that should be fun. Entrants must be aged between 7-10 years old. Here’s what to do –

Each entrant needs to finish the following sentence, “Suddenly, Lilly met… ” and draw the cartoon character or figure that Lilly meets. Once the complete sentence and drawing is ready, it should be emailed to: The competition closes on 30/10/2018. The winning entrant will have their artwork included in Susan Jill Ream’s third book. The winner will also have their picture appear on the back page as one of the contributors to the book.

Calling all creative children – the winner of this competition will have their work featured in a new children’s book.

Calling All Creative Children - It's Competition Time!

Competition rules

Each child who enters this competition must get permission from their parent or guardian to join in. The parent or guardian must also subscribe to Finally, all material that is submitted must be appropriate and the decision of the judging panel is final.

Also of particular interest is that when the book is purchased from the website, £1 from every book purchase will be donated to Christian charities fighting social injustice. It is the desire of Timeless Publications to end slavery and also liberate people, mind, body and soul.

To find out about the book series, have a look at the website The book is available to purchase from there at a special price of £2.99. This is inclusive of the £1 donation towards the fight against social injustice.