Help Needed For Repairs To Loan Mission Hall, Cullybackey

Members of the committee responsible for the Loan Mission Hall are seeking help with some urgently needed repairs to the building. The hall is situated on the Loan Road, which is between Cullybackey and Portglenone. It is already home to monthly gospel meetings but could be used much more often if it was in better shape.

Help Needed For Repairs To Loan Mission Hall


Joe Martin explained what must be done to bring the Hall up to a more habitable standard.
“The electrical wiring is old and needs to be completely re-done. The hall itself is also damp, cold and difficult to keep warm. Consequently, plumbing for oil heating is required in addition to drylining with insulation.”

“At the moment, there are no kitchen facilities within the hall, so a complete kitchen is required to make it fit for purpose. Currently, any water that we use comes from a well. As you can imagine, this is not a very reliable source, so a mains water supply is needed.”

Financial and practical help needed for repairs to Loan Mission Hall.

Help Needed For Repairs To Loan Mission Hall

Joe went on to say that any help, whether financial or practical, would be much appreciated. A recent fundraising breakfast was a big success and any ideas for future money-generating activities would be welcome.
Do you feel that you could help in any way? Telephone 07511111053 or contact any member of the Loan Mission Hall.
Find out more about the Loan Mission Hall by logging on to their Facebook page.