PCI Moderator Has Recently Returned From A Visit To Egypt

Rt Rev Dr Noble McNeely, the PCI Moderator has recently returned from a visit to Egypt. He joined with Christians there, as an act of solidarity in their country’s main celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The celebration was one of the largest Christian events to take place in the Middle East in recent years. It was organised by the Protestant Churches of Egypt, which represents 16 officially recognised reformed denominations in the country. Together with the Coptic Orthodox Church, the largest church in Egypt, and the Roman Catholic Church, they make up the Christian witness in the country.

PCI Moderator Has Recently Returned From A Visit To Egypt
PCI Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Noble McNeely Photo credit: Press Eye – Belfast – Northern Ireland – Photo by William Cherry

Dr McNeely’s visit follows his predecessor’s participation in the Reformed Church of Hungary’s celebrations earlier in the year when Dr Frank Sellar attended events in Debrecen in eastern Hungary.

PCI Moderator has recently returned from a visit to Egypt. He said the following on his return.

“In the midst of the many invitations the Church received during this special anniversary year, it was felt that it was important to attend the Reformation events in Egypt. Together we share a rich heritage that comes directly out of the Reformation and Martin Luther’s momentous discovery that a person’s salvation was secured by simply believing in and trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. For many Christians of all denominations across the Middle East, the outworking of their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has resulted in violence, death and general persecution on a scale that has not been witnessed in many years.
It was therefore important for the Church to be represented in Cairo last weekend as we wanted to demonstrate our compassionate solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ, both in Egypt and across the Middle East in the face of ongoing persecution.

The main celebration service was held in Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the capital. It was a moving service and one Irish Presbyterians would have felt at home in. The visit was also a good opportunity to hear what the Egyptian church is doing and how mission remains at its heart, with new congregations being planted and people coming to Christ.”

During his visit Dr McNeely and other members of the delegation met with political leaders and representatives of other churches, including the Coptic Church of Alexandria’s Patriarch, Tawadros II.
Earlier this year, following bomb attacks on Coptic Christians in the country, Dr Sellar as Moderator was able to express his solidarity with the Patriarch at an event in Dublin.

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