The Unfinished Reformation Seminars – Union Theological College

An autumn seminar series called The Unfinished Reformation seminars will be held on 4 consecutive Monday evenings  at Union Theological College, Belfast. These begin on Monday 25th September 2017. Six speakers from both the Reformed and Roman Catholic tradition will look at different aspects of the Reformation in four thought-provoking seminars. This series of seminars at the PCI College will begin at 7:30pm each evening.

The Unfinished Reformation Seminars - Union Theological College

The College’s teaching staff will be providing three of the speakers. Those attending will also hear from Dr Francis Campbell. He is the UK’s former ambassador to the Holy See and current Vice Chancellor of St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Father Tim Bartlett, Secretary General of the World Meeting of Families will take a joint seminar with Rev Trevor Gribben. Trevor is General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Clerk of the General Assembly. The title of their talk will be ‘Presbyterians and Catholics: Areas of common concern.’

The Unfinished Reformation Seminars – Union Theological College – starting 25th September for 4 consecutive Monday evenings.

Union College principal is the Very Rev Professor Stafford Carson. He said the seminars are an opportunity to follow up on some of the issues raised in the College’s Luther 500 Conference in January.  Especially those around the key question – ‘What is the continuing relevance of the Reformation for churches today?’ He went on to say.

“One of the slogans of the Reformation was ‘The Church reformed and always reforming’. We will look at what areas the church has continued to reform since the 16th century and also in what areas does it still need to be reformed?”

“The speakers that we have brought together will help us reflect on these questions from their different perspectives. I hope in running this series it will create a greater awareness of the Reformation, its meaning and on going legacy, especially in Ireland. In helping us to do that, I want to extend a very warm welcome to all our special guest speakers who I believe will make a valuable contribution to that understanding,” Professor Carson said.

“We also wish to affirm that the insights of the Reformers have a continuing relevance for key Christian doctrines and continue to provide the Presbyterian Church in Ireland with important biblical guidelines as it undertakes its mission and ministry in the contemporary world.”

The Unfinished Reformation seminars will be held in Union Theological College, Belfast. Held on four consecutive Monday evenings from 25th September to 16th October 2017. Starting at 7:30pm, each seminar costs £7.50. Alternatively an all-ticket bundle is available for £25. For details and registration visit Union Theological College website here.