High Kirk Ballymena Team Travel to India

On Sunday 9th July 2017, a High Kirk Ballymena team began the adventure of a lifetime. Eleven young people & leaders left High Kirk Presbyterian Church en route to India. This was the beginning of a long 30 hour journey to the ICMC (India Christian Mission Centre) in the south of India.

High Kirk Ballymena Team Travel to India
The High Kirk Ballymena team who recently returned from a mission trip to India.


Andrew Dickson, who led the group, looked back on what happened.

“After arriving in India we were shocked by the severe lack of road rules! There was also the constant noise of horns beeping and the news that curry and rice was a staple at every meal!”

Predictably, the team travelled with much expectancy about all they would see God do. The group spent time in various places including visiting children at different orphanages. They also spent a morning with lepers, shared their stories and prayed with university students.
The visitors also sought to encourage the ICMC staff as well as people in local churches that they had the opportunity to visit and worship in.

Andrew went on to say.

“During our ten days there we saw so much – good and difficult. We felt so much – joyful and heartbreaking. All of us experienced so much of the presence and faithfulness of the Father as he moved, answered prayers and used us for his glory in India.”
“We had some amazing opportunities to express our faith and encounter Jesus on a completely new level in everything we did. At the same time we were consistently being pulled from our comfort zones into a deeper walk.”

The trip to India was a life-changing experience for the High Kirk Ballymena team.

He concluded by saying: “It is no exaggeration to say that India utterly changed the way we each think about ourselves, about others, about the Kingdom. The trip filled us full with hope of all the Father is doing. We’d go back in a heartbeat!”
To find out more about the India Christian Mission Centre, log on to their website here.