Summer Update From The McCaw Family

Here is the 2017 Summer update from the McCaw family. Ahoghill family, Paul, Lorraine, Cameron & Caleb McCaw are continuing to serve God at Belfast City Mission Hall on Mayo Street.

We hope that the following article will enable you to pray effectively for them as they continue this important work.

Summer Update From The McCaw Family

They write:
‘I issue a decree that in every part of my kingdom people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel.
For he is the living God
and he endures forever;
his kingdom will not be destroyed,
his dominion will never end.
27 He rescues and he saves;
he performs signs and wonders
in the heavens and on the earth.
He has rescued Daniel
from the power of the lions.’ (Daniel 6: 26-27)

“These past few months have been difficult. We are getting tired and feeling powerless. We have had disappointments with events being organised and support not being given. However, we know God brought those He wanted and we have learnt from this that His timing is perfect. God is the living God who endures forever. He rescues and saves! He performs signs and wonders! God rescues us from the lions! We are called, by God, to serve Him and He is in control! We just need to continue to trust in God and be faithful to His calling! Will you please continue to pray for us, as we serve Him in Mayo Street.

Even though we have been discouraged over these last few months, we also have had encouragements. We praise God for these. We have held a Dedication Service for two older children, which was a blessing to the family, and us. Also we had our Sunday School Trip to Bangor and our Sunday School Service. These were both well supported by family and friends. We also had a fantastic afternoon at Newmills Presbyterian Church with our Kids Club. NYPD leaders took time out to open their Youth Club for our kids and everyone really had a great time! Check out photos on our website!

Several events are still to take place throughout the summer.

Still to come is our Mums And Young Ones Trip to Carnfunnock on Tuesday 13th June. Also our Senior Citizens Trip on Thursday 22nd June DV. Please pray that we would get favourable weather for both these.
Summer Kids Club plans are underway for this year’s event. It will be from Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August 2017 (DV). We have a team from Trinity, Ahoghill again this year and also, family and friends from 1st Portglenone. We are really looking forward to a blesséd time with this talented team!”

The Summer Update from the McCaw family includes the following praise and prayer points.

Praise Points
Praise God for His amazing provision
Also praise God for all the children who have attended Kids Club this past year!
Praise God for generous giving to fund each trip! Special thanks to Newmills NYPD

Prayer Points
Please pray for Summer Kids Club plans and preparations.
Pray for Mums And Young Ones and Senior Citizens trips, for safety in travel and favourable weather.
Finally, pray for rest and relaxation when our family holidays come around!