Messy Lent at St Patrick’s Church Hall Ballymena

Come and join with everyone for Messy Lent at St Patrick’s Church Hall Ballymena. St Patrick’s Ballymena are having Messy Lent as part of their Easter preparations. It’s on Sunday 19th March 2017 at 10:15am in the Church hall.

Messy Lent at St Patrick's Church Hall Ballymena

What is Messy Lent at St Patrick’s Church Hall Ballymena all about?

“We will be exploring the number 40 and learning how Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness. In Messy Lent we will also be looking at the 40 acts of kindness campaign.

We will be journeying with Jesus in the desert and looking at how we too can be tempted and how to avoid temptation with Gods help.

Lent is also about giving up something, just like Jesus did. We will be looking at this and how we can be generous to others.

This is all done through singing, spoken word, short video clips, prayer, arts, crafts, games and of course food.”

Messy Lent is a Church for people at all stages of their faith journey and of any age. It is not just for children and is open to anyone who wishes to come along. Also you do not have to be a member of St Patrick’s or any Church! So please come along and join in. You will be very welcome.

Find out more about the Church of Ireland in Ballymena on their website here.