PCI Statement On The Anticipated Visit Of Pope

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland – PCI statement on the anticipated visit of Pope Francis to Ireland. Rev. Trevor Gribben, Clerk of the General Assembly and General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, speaking about the anticipated visit, made the following statement.

PCI Statement On The Anticipated Visit Of Pope

“While the Vatican have yet to confirm the visit, should Pope Francis come to Ireland, as with any visitor to these shores, he would be most welcome.

I am sure that many, many Roman Catholics both south and north of the border will be very excited and encouraged by the news that Pope Francis is likely to attend the 2018 gathering of the World Meeting of Families. If this materialises, I would hope that all other people on this island will want to join with our fellow citizens in welcoming the leader of their church to Ireland.

Should any visit include an appropriate opportunity to travel north and visit Northern Ireland, I would trust that all in our community would take the opportunity to show due respect to such a visit. That will indeed be a sign that as a society we are continuing to develop into the kind of country that we all want Northern Ireland to be.”

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