Recipe Book Launched For The Smiles Foundation

Ballymena woman Joye Carson’s most recent fundraiser is a new recipe book launched for The Smiles Foundation. More specifically to raise funds for the Tileagd school complex run by Smiles in Bihor county, Romania. Joye hopes the recipe book, called Family Favourites, will raise lots of money so the children of Tileagd can continue to be educated.
The Smiles Foundation is a Christian charity which seeks to help people in Romania by teaching life skills & educating people. They help in any practical way they can, especially those in poverty and the marginalized. Of course most importantly they bring the love and hope that comes from God alone.

Recipe Book Launched For The Smiles Foundation

Joye has been involved with The Smiles Foundation for six years and has visited Eastern Europe on several occasions.
She said: “When I went out in Romania in July to build a house, I discovered that the Smiles school at Tileagd was badly in need of support. They need money to keep the kids warm through the winter months. We also aim to provide them with a good meal each day and to provide their uniform. There’s also the cost of educating them and that all takes a lot of money.”
“I wondered what I could do to help as I love that little school and would hate to see it closing. That’s when God put it in my head to go with my cooking hobby and produce this book.”

Family Favourites is a new recipe book launched for The Smiles Foundation. It contains an extensive collection of down to earth, easy to make recipes. The money raised from the sales of the book will help support Tileagd school run by Smiles in Romania.

Recipes in the new book include Oreo Rocky Road traybakes and Joye’s personal favourite, Spicy Pork Casserole.
The former childminder added, “I love cooking but particularly enjoy baking. I studied catering at college and worked in a school meals kitchen until I left to have my family.”
1,000 copies of the book have been produced. It was designed and printed by Michelle McCabe in Antrim.
Joye went on to say: “My hopes are that many will have great enjoyment through trying the recipes in the book. I’m also delighted that Family Favourites recipe book will raise lots of money for these children in Tileagd.  This will mean that they can continue to be educated and have hope for a better future.”

You can get your copy of the Family Favourites, the new recipe book launched for The Smiles Foundation by contacting Joye on 07761956596. She is also looking for an outlet, perhaps a shop, who would be willing to help her by selling some of the books. Could you or someone you know help her with this request?

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