Mission Africa Service In Carnlea Mission Hall

A Mission Africa service in Carnlea Mission Hall will take place on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 8:00pm. Mission Africa representative, Trevor McIlroy, will give an illustrated talk on his recent summer trip to Kenya. You are very welcome to come along to hear of Mission Africa’s work in Kenya.

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the people of Africa.

Mission Africa Service In Carnlea Mission Hall

This is the first time that Mission Africa have featured on the Church Page, so we asked Trevor to give us some information about the Mission and the work it does in Africa.

Who we are.
Over a century ago, one man obeyed God’s call to serve Him in West Africa. Many others followed and today millions of lives have been changed in Africa – all because one man said ‘Yes’ to God!
Samuel Bill, an independent missionary from Belfast, founded the mission in 1887.  Mission Africa was originally known as the Qua Iboe Mission after the region of south–east Nigeria where the early missionaries first ministered. However, the mission quickly expanded into other parts of Nigeria and more recently into other countries in West Africa.

Our strategy focuses on four key areas of mission –

The founding ethos of the mission, to bring the Good News of Jesus to the people of Africa, remains as strong as ever.
As new and changing needs develop in Africa, such as the spread of HIV/AIDS or the growing number of children living on the streets, Mission Africa seeks to respond in dynamic and innovative ways with a powerful demonstration of God’s compassion.
In Africa, the largest portion of unreached peoples are in the North and West. Nigeria, for example, has nearly 80 unreached people groups containing nearly 50 million people. In northern Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Chad, the majority are Muslim and the regions are frequently remote & harsh environments. Despite these challenges, Mission Africa will continue to take the Gospel to these people and remains committed to this unfinished task.

There is a strong history of the missionary community in Africa demonstrating the compassion of Christ through medical mission. Today, Mission Africa engages in a more supportive role as nationals have taken on responsibility for medical programmes and institutions.
Many long–standing diseases remain prevalent in Africa. Leprosy, TB, polio and malaria still bring suffering to many millions. In addition, the recent disaster of HIV/AIDS, the biggest killer of young people in Africa, brings a new and urgent challenge.
Mission Africa also works in partnership with two hospitals in Nigeria – Holley Memorial and Ekpene Obom. Many patients have come to faith in Christ whilst staying in these hospitals.

Many churches in Africa lack properly trained leadership. It is a major priority of the mission to engage in theological training so that our partner churches are equipped with pastors who in their theology and practice are firmly rooted in God’s word.

The truest test of our faith is how we show love and compassion to those in need. Jesus always responded to people in their place of need. For example, Burkina Faso Poor Fund provides practical support to those who need it most. Babies whose mothers have died are provided with substitute baby milk. Children are sponsored to go to school and medical bills are paid for those who are sick.

Trevor McIlroy will be reporting on his recent trip to Kenya at the Mission Africa Service in Carnlea Mission Hall. If you’re interested in oversees mission this will be a very informative evening on 18th October starting at 8:00pm.

You can find out much more about Mission Africa on their website here. They’re also on Facebook here or why not go along to hear first hand from Trevor at the Mission Africa service in Carnlea Mission Hall. If you need directions to Carnlea Hall, the address is 19 Loughmagarry Rd, Carnlea, Ballymena BT43 6TW.