Simple Faith Welcome Johnathan Welsh

Southern Gospel quartet Simple Faith welcome Johnathan Welsh into full-time ministry with the group. The group stepped out in faith 18 months ago into full-time ministry and God has led the Northern Ireland based Simple Faith Gospel Quartet on an incredible journey. Today is another step along the path God has planned, as bass singer Johnathan Welsh steps ‘out of the boat’ in faith and ‘walks on the water’ of full-time service with the group.

Simple Faith Welcome Johnathan Welsh

Johnathan began his career as a psychiatric nurse in 1976 in York, England. Over the last 18 months he worked within the NHS as a Psychological Therapist. Ironically this weekend he officially begins his full-time ministry with Simple Faith near York at the Hollybush Family Camp Meetings.

Johnathan comments “After 40 years working for the NHS and after much prayer and encouragement from my fellow quartet members Paul, Eddie and Dustin I have finally decided to call it a day with my job as a psychological therapist and go full-time with my group, Simple Faith Gospel Quartet. I must admit this step of faith is a wee bit scary but I fully trust that the Lord Jesus will meet my needs and the needs of my fellow quartet men as I follow Him. I’m also excited as I can now fully commit my time and effort to the work of the Lord. I want thank my wife for her wholehearted support in my decision because without her behind me and willing to sacrifice time and finances then neither I nor any of us could do this. Thank you Muriel. I am fully aware that this will not all be plain sailing and the storms will come with ferocity and upheaval BUT He will never let me down as I serve Him to the best of my ability. Bring it on yehaaaa!!!”

Southern Gospel Quartet Simple Faith welcome Johnathan Welsh to full-time ministry with the group.

Paul Cairns has welcomed Johnathan onboard on behalf of Simple Faith, “To say I am excited about Johnathan taking the step of faith is an understatement! I’ve always felt that until JB steps out into full-time service we will not be able to reach the full potential God has called us to do. This is amazing news and after so many years of working with the NHS, shows great commitment and a work ethic that will benefit Simple Faith Ministries greatly. JB – ‘Them that honour me I will honour.’ Welcome to Full Time Service!”

Simple Faith Gospel Quartet are available to take part in church services, outreach events, concerts and charity events. Booking enquiries can be made by phoning Paul Cairns on 07577800626 or email
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