India – A Glimpse Into Mission | UGM

Vine Tours in association with United Grace Mission UK (UGM) invite you to an India – A Glimpse Into Mission event on Thursday, 21st July 2016 – starting time 8.00pm.
It will take place in the Castle Upton Suite of the Hilton Hotel Templepatrick and is being billed as ‘a night for all the family.’

India - A Glimpse Into Mission | UGM

Urging as many people as possible to come along to this exciting event, a spokesperson for the organisers said, “Come and hear about an exciting magical adventure that will take place in April 2017. This ten-day trip will consist of relaxation, vacation and fellowship along with a glimpse into the world of mission and the work of United Grace Mission UK.”
United Grace Mission (UGM) was founded in 1998 by Pastor Tom Orr, who had a big heart for the people of India, which is home to the world’s second largest population.

Since then, the work that Pastor Tom commenced has impacted immeasurably the lives of children with special needs, women, struggling believers and those who minister God’s Word in the sub-continental region.
In addition to Gospel Crusades, UGM also run a leper colony, where residents are provided with food, medicine and treatment. Of course, there is also the Jonathan Boyd Home For Differently Able Children. This is opening very soon and will be amongst the best facility of it’s type anywhere in the world.
Translation work is also a very important aspect of UGM’s mission. Sermons written by Tom Orr as well as the latest manuscripts by respected Pastor and author, Sam Carson, are or have been made available in Indian tongue, thus providing spiritual nourishment for readers.

Vine Tours & United Grace Mission (UGM) invite you to an India – A Glimpse Into Mission evening. Thursday, 21st July 2016 at the Hilton Templepatrick, starting at 8.00pm.

More about United Grace Mission will be revealed at the India – A Glimpse Into Mission event at the Hilton hotel. A selection of Indian food and hors d’oeuvres will be prepared and served as part of the evening.
To read more about the work of United Grace Mission log on to their website here.