Roots – Precept Ministries Training Event

Orangefield Presbyterian is the venue for a Roots – Precept Ministries Training event taking place soon in Belfast. Roots 2016 is being run this year from Thursday 2nd – Friday 3rd June at Orangefield Presbyterian Church, 464 Castlereagh Road, Belfast from 9:30am – 5:00pm.

What is a Roots Training event by Precept Ireland Training Institute?  It’s about establishing people in God’s Word. It’s where you can spend one or two days being equipped with skills that will help you to dig deep into the Bible. Get down into the roots of God’s Word, so feeding yourself and others. As Precept Ministries Ireland say ‘Discover your passion for the Bible’

Roots - Precept Ministries Training event Orangefield Presbyterian

The courses run at ‘Roots’ are suitable for those who are new to, or familiar with, Precept Ministries Ireland and the Inductive Bible Study method.

This year the following courses are being run:

  • How to Study Old Testament History & Prophecy (Thursday)
  • Learn observation, interpretation, and application skills for Old Testament history.
  • Learn how to apply these skills to make proper application to your life.
  • Study selected passages from Old Testament history books.
  • Apply inductive study skills to Old Testament prophecy using the book of Amos.
  • Learn to properly interpret Old Testament prophecy books in their historical setting.
  • Understand more about who God is and how He works.
  • How to Study New Testament Letter. (Friday)
  • Learn observation, interpretation and application skills for a New Testament Letter.
  • Apply Inductive Bible Study skills to a New Testament Letter.
  • Overview a New Testament Letter.
  • Observe a chapter.
  • Learn to use a concordance for simple word studies and cross-references.

Roots – Precept Ministries Training event at Orangefield Presbyterian Church, Castlereagh Rd, Belfast. Being held on 2nd – 3rd June 2016 from 9.3am – 5.00pm.

Roots - Precept Ministries Training event at Orangefield Presbyterian Church

The cost of the event is £25 (single day) or £40 (both days). This includes all materials and refreshments, including lunch.

If interested in attending this superb conference, please contact the Precept Ministries office either by email or phone. Email: – phone 028 9081 4880.

For more information on Precept Ministries log on to their website here or Facebook page here.