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Food For Today is a new initiative run by the Gospel Bus Ministry. Are you struggling to feed yourself or your loved ones?  If so, maybe Food For Today can help you on a short-term basis.
Although it is based at the ministry’s headquarters in Ballee, applications to receive help from the project will be considered from outside Ballymena.

Generally speaking, people who use the Food For Today facility will receive a week-long supply of food or other essential household items.
Joyce Bell, who co-founded the Food For Today Ministry with her husband, Richard said: “We will help anyone who is in genuine need. Maybe they are unemployed, on sickness benefit or struggling with addiction or on a low wage.”
“Foodstuffs we will supply include cheese, ham, sausages and milk along with tinned or dried items like pasta or soup. We can also provide toiletries such as toothpaste or washing powder”, she added.
Food For Today has been set-up by Richard and Joyce out of their desire to do more to reach the local community for Christ.

Food For Today Gospel Bus Ministry

Food For Today facility, set up by the Gospel Bus Ministries, where those in need can apply for short-term food supplies.

Through their labour, particularly amongst the homeless population, they have become very aware of the great physical and spiritual need that exists in this area.
Potential clients can apply to access this service themselves by contacting either Richard Bell or Kathryn Ballie. Alternatively, doctors, social workers or other professions can also approach the project on behalf of people they know who could benefit from it.
Whilst Ricky and Joyce are keen that the feeding project should not be abused they also pray that people who are going through real problems will not be embarrassed to come forward and receive help.
Joyce went on to say: “We will not be judging anybody and won’t embarrass them by asking them to meet in the presence of others.”

Food For Today Gospel Bus Ministry

“Anyone who needs our help could telephone Richard or Kathryn. Arrangements will then be made to meet them or their families privately at the portable tabernacle, which is close to the Seven Towers Roundabout. Our aim is to encourage people and help them to keep their dignity.”
Donations of food are also received but anything that is given must be fresh and ‘in date’.
You can access the Food For Today project by telephoning Richard on 07753 240 113 or Kathryn on 07596 000076.
If you would like to hear more about the work of the Gospel Bus Ministry, Richard would be delighted to visit your church and he can be contacted by telephoning 07753 240113. You can also find out more about the work of the Gospel Bus Ministry here.