Ballymena Church Members Forum Discussion Night

A Ballymena Church Members Forum discussion night on the subject of ‘Forgiveness In The Three Main Religions’ will be held in Montgomery’s Restaurant, Ballymoney Street, Ballymena on Thursday, 3 March 2016 starting at 7.30pm.
Organisers promise an interesting line up of speakers and it should be a very informative evening as each of the following representatives talk about and discuss the subject of forgiveness in each of their respective religions.

Ballymena Church Members Forum

Speakers at Ballymena Church Members Forum Discussion Night –

The speakers, who will be given some time to talk about forgiveness in their faith, followed by a general discussion on the topic, are:-
Anwar Mady is the Administrator of the Islamic Centre in Belfast.

David Singer is the Rabbi of the Jewish Congregation in Belfast.

David Jardine is a Brother in the Society of St Francis and the leader of Divine Healing Ministries which was established over 30 years ago and is widely known throughout Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson for the Forum added: “We hope that Montgomery’s restaurant will be filled to capacity on the night and that people leave with a greater understanding of what Forgiveness means, and its place in each of the religious systems.”
There will be an admission charge of £5 payable at the door. This event is partly funded by OFMDFM through the Good Relations Unit of Mid & East Antrim Borough Council.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what forgiveness means in three of the world’s religions then you can register your interest that you’re intending to go to Ballymena Church Members Forum discussion night – ‘Forgiveness in the Three Main Religions’ in Montgomerys Restaurant, by logging onto the Forum’s Facebook page here.