New Release From Christian Songwriter Stewart McIlrath

‘It is finished’ is the new release from Christian songwriter Stewart McIlrath. Ballymena-born Stewart, well known in the area for his love of worship music is currently Worship Pastor of Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang – a new church plant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

New Release from Christian Songwriter Stewart McIlrath
That’s a long way from his roots in the City of the Seven Towers!
Revealing a little about his background, the Christian songwriter from Ballymena said: “I grew up in Ballymena and attended Ballymena Baptist where I began to develop my heart for worship and music. After leading worship for a few years there, I moved to London in order to further develop and get some training, both practically and theologically.”
The track is being released as part of Worship Central Malaysia. This is a global movement seeking to help people encounter God, equip the worshipper and empower the local church.
Stewart has been working Worship Central Malaysia for over a year now, writing songs and leading worship at various events in Asia. You can keep up to date with Worship Central MY on Twitter here.
Talking a little about the inspiration for the new recording, he went on to say: “We wrote the song to sing in our church however it was quickly clear that God had anointed the song and was using it to lead people into His presence. We then decided to record it so it could be used by other churches and their worship teams.”
‘It Is Finished,’ the new release from Christian songwriter Stewart McIlrath is available to buy on iTunes for only 79p. If you want to download the track, search in iTunes for It Is Finished (feat. Stew McIlrath) – Worship Central Malaysia. If you want to contact Stew to find out more about his work at Worship Central you can get in touch here.