Pure Wellness Gym At Green Pastures

‘Connect’ with Christ at Pure Wellness Gym at Green Pastures. Pure Gym as it is affectionately known, is a gym with a difference! Established in 2009, it exists to be able to help those in need.  The gym is a non-profit venture, which seeks to support ‘Connect’ ministries at Green Pastures Church who have a vision of helping and supporting those who need a little helping hand in life.
At its heart, Pure Wellness Gym at Green Pastures premises on Fenaghy Road, Galgorm is a gym not for the beautiful but for the broken. The team there are into fitness not vanity, they care for the inside of a person and the outside as human beings have a spirit, soul and body.

Pure Wellness Gym at Green Pastures - Estelle
Estelle Wallace – manager and ministry leader at Pure Wellness

Estelle Wallace, who is Manager and Ministry leader at Pure Gym remarks: “Too many people in life try and live up to someone else’s measuring stick and in doing so never become who they are destined to be, the world of fitness is one of dog eat dog mindsets and many work hard to obtain the perfect body and physique when in fact perfection does not exist but progression does!!”

“The word resolution means to make a new promise to oneself and mostly those promises fail to reach their full potential, what we all need is a revelation not another resolution… what most people need to know is that no matter how many goals they failed to reach, no matter how many diets they have blown they are still unconditionally loved and accepted by the Lord.”, she adds.

Estelle went on to say: “Happiness isn’t found in being a certain size or a certain weight. Happiness is found in finding peace within and finding that sweet place of caring for your temple without it becoming an obsession, God still loves you if you have to squeeze into your jeans, or struggle to button your shirt, He sees you as perfect and complete.”

The team at Pure Wellness Gym at Green Pastures are non judgemental and even though fitness is what they do its not who they are, they are encouragers and want to see every individual step out in freedom and help them to reach their goals.

Estelle continues: “We all have a race to run and we need to be in good health to run that race, we need to feed our bodies healthy wholesome Bible based foods (natural and clean) and partake in activity to strengthen our hearts and lungs.”

“Resistance training creates strength and is needed to remain strong and supple especially those who lead stressful lives or those getting on in years. In a nutshell fitness should never take the place of God but it should have a place in the work you do for the Lord”, she states.

Everyone is welcome at Pure Wellness Gym at Green Pastures.

Regardless of faith, gender, background, shape or size and everyone matters and with memberships from as little as £15 per month and classes such as Pilates and Insanity, this little gym with the big heart is affordable to every walk of life.
As she and her team wish everyone a Happy New Year, Estelle adds the following thought:

“What you put into life you get back out, the same relates to healthy living if you want to feel good you need to feed good.
You are what you eat, you are what you read, you are what you watch, you are what you believe…… may this year of 2016 be your healthiest yet …. Call in and the Pure Wellness team will help you every step of the way.”

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