Club Reach Ballymena| Reaching out with the love of Jesus

Club Reach Ballymena began in November 2004 – its aim is to reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate His love in any possible way.
Members of the Club Reach Ballymena team gather outside the Grouse every Friday night and give out free tea and soup, as well as sharing their faith with the people they meet.

Clubreach Ballymena logo
A Club Reach spokesman shared: “Over the years many firm friendships have been established and the team has earned the respect of the young people we meet on a Friday night.”
“Our team range in age from 18 to 60 years old and each member has an important contribution to make”, he added.

Vitally, the team is made up of people from different fellowships in Ballymena and surrounding districts. This is important as Club Reach is not about one particular church, it is about the head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Club Reach Ballymena
The spokesman went on to say: “The young people we chat to on a Friday night are impressed by this too and this point initiates many interesting debates.”
He commented: “Working together as a group of believers from different backgrounds has brought great blessing, as Psalm 133 v 1 bears witness to.”
“We are very blessed to have the freedom to take the word of God on the streets of our town and it gives us a great opportunity to share the life changing love of the Lord Jesus Christ”, he smiled.
Members of Club Reach Ballymena now want to enlarge their team and are inviting others to join them – they would love to have you on board!
If you are interested in hearing more about Club Reach, or would like a representative to visit your church and explain the work in more detail, please contact Steve McGall by email: He looks forward to hearing from you.