Radio Cracker 2015


The Radio Cracker 2015 programme has kicked off for another year. It’s time to get your radio tuned to 107.6FM if you’re in the Ballymena area or get the Radio Cracker website bookmarked so you can listen on-line.

Once again several Christian charities are depending on the generosity of the businesses and the people of Ballymena to donate, sponsor and advertise with Radio Cracker, so they can bring hope and God’s love in a very practical way to people who very much need it. A quick look through their ‘Projects’ page here and you can see just how varied and widespread the fundraising from Ballymena has gone. For example, the money has helped Mission Africa to rebuild a Mission Station in a remote area of Nigeria so the locals can have access to healthcare for themselves and their animals – something they haven’t had for years! It has also helped provide for one community in Guatemala, something we all take for granted – clean water! Of course with all these projects it means many people seeing God’s love for them, first hand!

Radio Cracker 2015

So Radio Cracker 2015 needs your support again this year as they raise funds to help more needy people across our world. It says in 2 Corinthians 8 v 14 under the heading ‘Generosity Encouraged’ – “At the present time your plenty will supply what they need” The charities who Radio Cracker hope to support this year are – Mission Africa, Francina Foundation, Tearfund, EMMS International, Bread For Kenya, Asha & Second Sight. You can find out much more about these projects here.

Radio Cracker 2015 will begin broadcasting at 7.30am on 27th November. Throughout the week there will be the usual eclectic mix of music by a great line-up of presenters and the Sunday programmes will be a fantasic mix of Gospel music with everything from traditional hymns, modern Christian songs, country and Southern gospel programmes and lots of time for reflection. Wednesday nights at 10pm have become a regular slot for Ian & Noel’s midweek gospel show. Thought For The Day is an integral part of Radio Cracker and each day a local church member will give their thought for the day at 7.50am and 9.50pm. 

As part of the Radio Cracker 2015 programme, as well as the radio broadcast, there are other events planned, one of which is a concert in Wellington Presbyterian Church by the Belfast Community Gospel Choir. It’s on Friday 21st November at 7.30pm. Tickets for this are £10 and you can get yours at either The Faith Mission Bookshop on High St, The Music Rooms on Church St or you can order them online here.

Another event which Radio Cracker would love to see you at is the Carol Service on Sunday 13th December, starting at 8.15pm in Montgomerys Restaurant, which is broadcast live.

We’re looking forward to Radio Cracker 2015 and pray that once again they will be well supported so that ‘your plenty will supply what they need’

You can keep up to date with Radio Cracker on social media – FB here – Twitter here.