TOGETHER – Life Changing Perspectives To Inspire Youth Ministry | Summary

Over the last several weeks, the book called TOGETHER – Life Changing Perspectives To Inspire Youth Ministry has been the subject for our series of ‘taster’ blogs. For this final post we are going to summarize the book.  In each of the previous blogs we’ve looked at one of the ‘Landmark’ sections of the book, looking at the topics of Disciple Making, Bible, Prayer, Church, Evangelism and Action. All of these sections were written by well known youth leaders from Northern and Southern Ireland representing several well known Christian youth or church organisations and are working with young people in their day to day lives – so lots of experience & knowledge, which they have passed on brilliantly in this book to help others involved in church or Christian youth work.

Together Life Changing Perspectives To Inspire Youth Ministry

The book goes on to the ‘Signposts’ section. Here there are 14 articles, again written by experienced Christian youth workers, dealing with all sorts of day to day issues facing young people.

“The authors have written fantastic articles that will bring important topics to your attention, provoke thought and stimulate discussion.

We asked them to speak from their context into the lives of other youth leaders. We hope their words, stories, experiences and challenges will inspire you into fruitful youth ministry.” *


  • Game Makers – Rick Hill
  • The Long Path To Connection – Suzi McLean
  • Godly In A Foreign Land – Andy Lamberton
  • Navigating The Abyss – Stephanie Wethers
  • Family Matters – Johnny Bell
  • Bringing Out The God Colours – Judith Cairns
  • Ten Miles – Andy Hewitt
  • Life Is Better With The Helper Alongside – Clare Woodward
  • Created To Create – Greg Fromholz
  • Back To School – Leanne Dunlop
  • Golden Moments – Jasper Rutherford
  • Displaced To Embrace – Niall McNally
  • Where’s The Craic? – Craig Mawhinney
  • We Have This Treasure – Jose Cummings

It would be unfair to pick out specific articles or writers but there is some fantastic material in this section for anyone wanting to learn how to get closer to understanding the young people they are working with, covering areas like family life, school life, church life and more.

TOGETHER – Life Changing Perspectives To Inspire Youth Ministry ends with a list of recommended reading list from the authors of the ‘landmark’ chapters.

Together Life Changing Perspectives To Inspire Youth Ministry

All-in-all this is a super little book, written by experienced Christian youth leaders, with a huge amount of wisdom and practical tips which would be so helpful to other youth leaders. As it says in the title it will help ‘to inspire’ your youth ministry. If you would like to grab a copy of this book, they are available to download for Kindle via the Amazon website, or you can purchase paper copies in most Christian bookshops. You can read more about the work of TOGETHER youth ministry and buy a copy of their book on their website here. They’re also on Facebook here & Twitter here.

*written with permission