Keswick At Portstewart 2014

Keswick at Portstewart 2014 is getting ready for another busy week. The marquee is up and the Convention will run from Saturday 12th – Friday 18th July. In their own words Keswick at Portstewart is ‘1000 Seats, One Purpose – Life Changing Bible Teaching’ and so a week of great Bible reading & teaching, events and activities are planned. As always it will be held at Convention Ave, behind Portstewart promenade.

Keswick at Portstewart 2014 Programme

MORNING BIBLE STUDY – a series of Bible readings & studies each morning, Monday to Friday, at 11.00am. The speaker at these will be John Woodside from Drogheda Presbyterian Church. There will also be a prayer time in the prayer room on the Convention site at 9.45 each weekday morning.

EVENING MEETINGS – all the evening meetings will be at 7.30pm. The speaker on Saturday & Sunday nights will be Steve Casey from Liverpool’s Speeke Baptist Church and Monday to Friday it’s Jeremy McQuoid, pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship in Aberdeen.

CONVENTION EXTRA – There’s also going to be an additional meeting for young adults on Sunday night starting at 9.00pm. Music by Stephen McGall & the speaker will be Steve Casey.

A CSSM team will be in Portstewart for all 4 – 18 year olds.


On site facilities

  • A crèche with a live feed of the praise and teaching from the marquee.
  • will be operating a bookshop.
  • Bon Appetit have a pop-up coffee shop on the site
  • The Convention site includes a large car park.

For full details of the Keswick at Portstewart 2014 programme click here.

For more information on the speakers click here.

If you’re in the North Coast area anytime between 12th – 18th July the team at Keswick at Portstewart would love to see you there. Please pray that God will bless all that happens here over the week, that lives will be changed and that everyone who attends will have a greater understanding of God’s Word and His will for their lives.