Day of Prayer for a Peaceful Twelfth – Divine Healing Ministries

Divine Healing Ministries (D.H.M) have organised a Day of Prayer for a Peaceful Twelfth, which will take place on Wednesday 11th July 2018.
The venue for this will be St. George’s Church, High Street, Belfast. The day begins at 10:30am with a Service of Holy Communion. This will be followed by silent prayer until 2:00pm with short reflections every half hour.

Day of Prayer for a Peaceful Twelfth – Divine Healing Ministries

A spokesperson for Divine Healing Ministries told the Church Page:
“We have been organising the Day of Prayer around the period of ‘the Twelfth’ for a number of years. It also marks the completion of over a year of weekday prayers for the City of Belfast and our land which have been held at St. George’s and organised by DHM.”

“We believe that God has responded positively to the prayers offered up in previous years. There has been a marked reduction in violence, particularly in flashpoint areas. Persistence in prayer in required.”
They went to say: “You are warmly invited to this Day of Prayer, which is for people of all traditions. Short reflections will be held every 30 minutes with silent prayer to follow. Silent prayer also affords an opportunity to find wholeness through prayer, by laying down burdens carried in the past, by saying sorry and by forgiving others.”

Personal prayer will be available for anyone who wishes to receive it. There will also be refreshments available throughout the day and you are free to come and go as you please.

You are invited to go to a Day of Prayer for a Peaceful Twelfth organised by Divine Healing Ministries

Organised by Divine Healing Ministries – taking place in St George’s Church, High Street, Belfast on 11th July 2018.

For more information on Divine Healing Ministries, visit their website here or Facebook page here.